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The Final Frontier

Pushing boundaries, testing limits, exploring the unknown – these are some of the things I do every day as a web developer. The digital world is constantly expanding, and there is always something new to learn or discover. The answer to “How do we get there?” is never “I don’t know,” but “Let’s find out.”

About Me

I’m Matthew Luckow, a web developer of Minneapolis, Minnesota. FRWD Co. is where I call home, and where I work with an energetic and passionate creative team to make cool things and explore the blank spaces of the digital map.

I grew up in Germantown, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Arts in Web & Digital Media Development (WDMD) in 2013. During my time at Stevens Point I was part of the student-run WDMD Advanced Development Agency, where I primarily developed in Adobe Flash and Flex to produce innovative applications for grant projects with the WiSys Technology Foundation.

After graduating, I crossed the river and joined the team at Ham in the Fridge in Minneapolis. There I went full speed ahead in game and web development. That team is now part of the FRWD family, where we continue to develop awesome things and push the creative envelope.

As important to me as my work are my hobbies. I can be found making digital art, playing violin, composing music, and writing speculative fiction.