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Boom, Boom

Artisan foods brand Angie’s Kettle Corn wanted to enter 2015 with a bang. A bold, colorful website was exactly what they were looking for. This project involved creating a brand new website from the ground up that would consolidate all of Angie’s snack brands (Boomchickapop, Boomchickapuff, and more) and give them a robust platform to drive their growing business into 2015 and beyond.


The new had to meet multiple business and practical needs. At the time, Angie’s various brands all lived on separate microsites. One of our goals was to bring them together so that they felt like a family. Wherever someone is on the site, the parent Boomchickapop is always present so that the experience remains cohesive.

Bringing all these pieces together also raised another challenge; how do you separate each brand’s messaging and personality, but hold onto that cohesiveness? The idea of the content grid really came to life in answering this question. Each brand has its own set of “tiles” with promotions and messages that can be swapped out on the fly.

Another goal for was to provide a destination for the brand’s energetic social media presence. How do you tie Facebook posts, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest recipes all together? and its flexible content grid provided that destination, furthering that cohesiveness we wanted for the entire brand experience.


Once the designs were finalized, I began by building out static HTML pages of the website. These helped serve as early proof-of-concepts and enabled the team to make changes without being entrenched in WordPress. Concurrently, another developer fleshed out the WordPress custom post types and custom fields that would serve as the backbone of the content grid system. We coordinated heavily to ensure my HTML output would fit the back-end system like a glove when it came time to put the two together.

After writing the static pages, I began to incorporate them into a skeleton WordPress theme. Designing systems and seeing them come to life is immensely rewarding, and that was especially the case on this project. Side-by-side static HTML and and dynamic PHP development enabled this to happen quickly and effectively. I learned a lot about WordPress and its custom post type features on this project, and the result is a website that’s highly flexible and easy to maintain. was a massive team effort, and I’m glad to have played a part in helping this website come together. In the days that followed the migration from to, organic search traffic jumped by over 200%. That’s no coincidence — that’s the result of effective design, content strategy, and successful development.