The Challenge

During web development, there are dozens of test or staging URL’s that need to be reviewed both internally and by clients. When these are sent via email, it can be hard to keep track of the links, which links are the final version, and so on. FNDRY was the answer to this everyday problem.

I developed FNDRY as a custom file sharing tool with the goal of organizing creative deliverables such as web banners, images, and videos through an easily accessible portal where a project lead or client can preview them. FNDRY links are listed by project, and can be further organized by folders. Anyone can create a project and upload files without a developer’s help. FNDRY also features unique user logins, where users can be assigned to different projects with specific permissions. It’s fast, lightweight, and intuitively structured for easy maintenance.

The Process

I started this project focusing on the user experience. As a productivity tool, I wanted something simple that wouldn’t feel overwhelming to interact with. To streamline the experience, I also wanted as few page loads as possible, which meant designing with AJAX in mind.

The file sharing system was a great technical challenge, and very rewarding to develop. Despite the number of features and variables that must be taken into account, FNDRY’s custom PHP back end is sharp, minimal, and logically organized to separate the platform’s major functions. On the front end, all of the site’s forms pipe through the same functions, which make it very easy to build on and maintain.

FNDRY is a practical application of the front-end, user experience, and database design skills I’m eager to put into practice, and has proved extremely helpful for the teams at FRWD.