L’Oreal NEXT Mobile Playbook

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The L’Oréal NEXT Fund is always on the lookout for innovation. Each year they publish a print playbook of case studies. For 2014 and beyond, FRWD was tasked with bringing their playbook to the web. The L’Oréal NEXT Mobile Playbook is an internal website to showcase L’Oréal NEXT’s projects and investments. It’s sleek, responsive, and easy to expand for continued support throughout the coming years.


The L’Oreal Mobile Playbook was built in WordPress. It uses a prebuilt theme in combination with custom page templates. The prebuilt theme allowed for fast development while still giving the flexibility we needed for our own designs.

An important feature of the L’Oreal Mobile Playbook is a login system for L’Oreal employees. For this I wrote a custom registration and login system in PHP that integrates with WordPress. It was a fun challenge to develop, and I learned a lot about security and protocol along the way.