What's In Your Water?

How do you make the subject of hard water treatment accessible? That’s not a question you’re asked every day, but it was one I helped answer at FRWDCo. Whirlpoolwatersolutions.com was a massive undertaking that equally improved my knowledge on WordPress and water softening systems.


Coming off the heels of working on Boomchickapop.com, I was fresh from a big foray into WordPress custom post types and custom fields. Whirlpoolwatersolutions.com put everything I had learned and more to the test.

The centerpoint of Whirlpoolwatersolutions.com is a set of quizzes that help direct users to the right product or solution for their needs. This could have been done with a hard-coded set of questions, responses, and results, but we decided to take the extra step and build a flexible quiz system in WordPress. Plotting out the logic of these quizzes to fit the desired functionality was a major challenge. In the end, the quiz system provided an easy way to build and maintain the eventual quizzes we wanted for the site.

Besides the quizzes, Whirlpoolwatersolutions.com features scores of product entries, relevant technical information, and a product comparison feature. These elements are built on WordPress’s Advanced Custom Fields. I gained a huge amount of experience with WordPress on this project due to the sheer volume of information that needed to fit on the site.

On top of that, I worked with the team at Bazaarvoice to integrate their review system API into the website. This was a positive and valuable experience, and gave me a glimpse behind the curtains of a larger tech company and their development processes.